Privacy policy


1. This Privacy Policy is aimed to provide a sense of security to all users of

2. We respect the privacy of the users of our website. Their safety is among our priorities.

3. Our website operates in accordance with the requirements of commonly effective provisions of the law and with application of commonly accepted website standards, including specifically in scope of the safety of website users and the technical and organisational measures applied for this purpose.

4. Using our website is equivalent to accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy.

5. This Privacy Policy concerns our website only. Our website may include links to other websites. If you should be transferred to one, please read its privacy policy.

6. We reserve the right to enter changes to this Privacy Policy through appropriate modification. However, the changes will not breach the basis standards of the safety and privacy of our website’s users.

7. The administrator of our website is GoldenSubmarine Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. Please send all notes, observations, or reservations towards our website to the following e-mail address:


1. Our website collects and processes the following data of its users:
 a) First and last name, e-mail address when using the contact form available on the website.

2. We use the personal data collected from the users to contact the Client and present the offer and marketing activity.

3. When collecting personal data, we provide extensive information on all aspects associated with collection and subsequent processing of the personal data. Specifically, wherever required by the law, we procure the user’s content to personal data processing.

4. We strive to ensure due diligence in collection and storage of the personal data of our website, specifically to ensure that the data is:
 a) processed lawfully, credibly, and clearly to the data subject,
 b) collected for purposes of the privacy and specific, clear, and legally justified objectives established in this Privacy Policy,
 c) not subject to further processing inconsistently with the aforementioned objectives,
 d) subjectively correct, appropriate, restricted to the aspects necessary and adequate towards the processing objectives,
 e) correct and updated whenever required,
 f) appropriately secured,
 g) stored in a way allowing for identification of the data holders for longer than required for purposes of the processing objective.

5. The controller of the personal data collected by our website is CIECH Sarzyna S.A., contact details:

6. The personal data we collect is processed:
 a) pursuant to the consent granted by the data subject or in accordance with the principle establishing that personal data processing is permitted only when required for purposes of the agreement, to which the data subject – user – is party. In the instance discussed in point 6 letter a) above, the consent to personal data processing is granted voluntarily and the consenting individual has the right to revoke said consent at any time. Please note that revoking the consent has no effect on the legality of processing conducted from the date, on which the consent was granted, until the date, on which it was revoked.

7. Consent can be revoked by sending an e-mail with the appropriate information to the following address: (

8. The personal data is not shared with other entities with exception of those authorised to request it pursuant to provisions of the law. The data is not shared outside of the European Economic Area or with international organisations. When processing data, the controller involves subcontractors providing data hosting (storage) and mass e-mail distribution (newsletter) services.

9. The collected personal data is processed until the consent is revoked.

10. The data subject has the right to access, correct, delete, or restrict processing of the personal data, the right to object toward its processing, and the right to transfer it.

11. The data subject also has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority.

12. The decisions concerning our users made based on the collected personal data are never made automatically. Said individuals are not subject to profiling.